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Also available for iPad, Android and Windows Phone


With today’s release, AroundMe is ready for iOS 7, the completly redesigned Apple’s mobile operating system.

Apple’s design team reconsider the entire iOS in order to create a new user experience: simpler, more useful and more enjoyable. We did the same for AroundMe 7.0.0: all users updating to iOS 7 will get our brand new user interface: simple and clean it is also much more fun to use. Download the brand [...]

What is AroundMe?

  • AroundMe's biggest attribute is its simplicity and speed: most of your hunting can be done with a single click.
    Time Magazine Best iPhone Apps 2011

  • It’s simple and easy to use and provides users with all the information they need when seeking/finding businesses or services in any area.
    148 Apps

  • I use AroundMe several times a week because like all good apps, 'it just works'.

  • Best App Ever Award 2009.
    Best Use of Location Services Award.
    Best App Ever

  • Asia Mobile Congress 2010
    Top Lifestyle App

  • Simplicity makes this app a must-carry for the road warrior.
    Time Magazine - Top 2008 iPhone Apps