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18 Sep

With today’s release, AroundMe is ready for iOS 7, the completly redesigned Apple’s mobile operating system.

AroundMe iOS 7

Apple’s design team reconsider the entire iOS in order to create a new user experience: simpler, more useful and more enjoyable. We did the same for AroundMe 7.0.0: all users updating to iOS 7 will get our brand new user interface: simple and clean it is also much more fun to use.

Download the brand new update from the app store now!

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28 Aug

AroundMe iOS updated to version 4.3.1

AroundMe-view-modeWe are excited to announce the release of AroundMe iOS 5.3.1 with a redesigned view mode selection.

By tapping the top right icon now you can choose among different visualization mode: the traditional list, the map view and the live view.AroundMe-detaik

The new live view mode is using latest technology in iOS to provide a stable and precise display of nearby shops and restaurants.

Version 5.3.1 feature also a redesigned detail page with an easier to read layout.

What do you think of the new changes to AroundMe? Let us know what you think below and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all our latest news.

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12 Jul

AroundMe Android is now version 4.0.1

We are excited to announce the release of AroundMe Android 4.0.1 !

New version includes:

  • Foursquare integration with phone gallery
  • Menu for over 400.000 menu restaurants in USA
  • Online Booking for restaurants

Download the update from Google Play Store now.

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24 May

AroundMe iOS version 4.2.4 launched with new directions


If you use AroundMe when exploring a new city to find the nearest restaurant, movie theatre, bank or coffee shop, we have introduced a brand new feature just for you.


Version 4.2.4 of AroundMe includes a fancy new feature: on the side of each listing you now have a small directional arrow that points you in the direction where the business is located.


This new feature allows you to explore a new city better and help you find the best places to visit around you.


When using this feature in an urban environment, it can be subject to interference. If this happens and you get the “infinite” symbol you should recalibrate your iPhone using the standard calibration feature on the Apple website.


The new directions feature comes a few weeks after AroundMe introduced free voice-guided GPS navigation by Telenav Scout, allowing you to find the best places to go in the quickest route possible.


To find out all the latest features added to AroundMe, visit our blog and Like AroundMe on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


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17 May

AroundMe iOS version 5.2.3 features movie trailers

AroundMe movie trailers

As the summer approaches, the movie industry releases it’s biggest blockbusters. And now you can see all the latest movie trailers from AroundMe.


The Avengers, The Dictator, Men in Black 3, The Expendables 2 and Batman: Dark Night Rises are just some of the blockbusters set to hit movie screens near you this summer.


As well as movie schedules and the recent Rotten Tomatoes integration to AroundMe, you can now view all the latest trailers straight from the app, giving you a even greater degree of choice to plan your day and choose which movie you want to watch.


What do you think of the new movie trailers addition to AroundMe? Let us know what you think and comment below and make sure you follow AroundMe on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates.

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10 May

AroundMe iOS version 5.2.2 launched with free Telenav Voice Navigation

AroundMe telenav blog

We are excited to announce the release of AroundMe iOS 5.2.2 with Telenav Scout, a free, turn-by-turn, voice-guided GPS navigation, directly integrated in AroundMe and without the need to install any other application.


Telenav Scout is a voice-activated GPS navigator designed for people on the go, or when you are exploring a new city. Whether it’s real-time traffic updates, alerts or getting you there in the quickest route possible, Telenav does it for you.


To access navigation in AroundMe, tap on “Route” button on the selected business and then select “Scout by Telenav” and you are done: simple.



Download the brand new update from the app store now!


To find out all the latest updates and new features for AroundMe, make sure you return to the AroundMe blog and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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